The Purpose of a Funeral

September 2nd, 2014

Death has never been easy on anybody. The loss of a loved one is always devastating in whatever circumstances. Those who were left behind need to mourn either privately or with others. That is why there is a need for a funeral service. This is the time to honor the loved one who passed away. This also serves as the first step towards the healing of those left behind.

A funeral is the ceremony dedicated for the deceased. Today, there are many variations to it. There are different kinds of burials: traditional, graveside, and immediate burial. With the exception of immediate burial, both traditional and graveside burials can have a memorial service tailored to fit the request of the family. Some families choose not to have a memorial service. But there are some who were not even able to witness when the loved one was buried because of tragic circumstances, but still chose to have a service in honor of the deceased.

Why the need for a funeral service? Is it just a need to socialize and be able to push through a ritual? Who is it for, for the one who died or for those who were left behind?

The funeral:

FuneralConfirms the certainty of death. It helps the members of the family to go through their grief. It can also be said to be therapeutic. Making arrangements for the memorial service compels them to make decisions and communicate with others. The service leads people to reality that the loss really occurred. In this way, it can be said that it is a first to acceptance of the loss of a loved one.

Gives the mourners a time to grieve. There is a deep need for people to express their grief. Coupled with this is the need to have others listen and to be comforted by kind words. Mourners are encouraged by this ceremony to accept their loss. During the service, mourners feel that it is safe to express their feelings and their thoughts. In this way, those left behind are given the chance to cope with their loss. This is also a step towards moving forward.

Lets people share their sadness. Carrying one another’s burdens will certainly make other people’s burden lighter. With other people around to offer sympathy and express words of sadness makes way for shared sorrow. Somehow, grief becomes lighter.

Becomes the time when family and friends come together as a group. The interment serves as the official place where mourners gather to offer condolences and sympathies. The community is also able to pay their last respects. Many times, this period that created a deep wound also serves as the time when severed relationships are restored.

Affirms the mourners’ faith. When going through a tough time like the death of a loved one, sometimes the faith of those left behind are shaken. With a memorial service, family and friends are given confirmation of their religious beliefs. Most people derive great solace from words of encouragement from their spiritual beliefs. Church rites offer comfort and peace.

Serves as the occasion that brings acceptance of the loss and celebrates a life lived. The reading of poems or lines of religious nature bring solace to the bereaved. There might even be speeches with anecdotes, all in honor of the one who passed away. There are eulogies by members of the family. Music and other things that hold special meaning to the family are also added into the service. All of these bring the family into acceptance of the death. It is also a way to celebrate how the life of the deceased was lived.

Whatever type of funeral service the family may decide on does not really matter. What is important is that it offers closure for everyone. It also gives hope for the ones left behind as they accept the continuity of life.

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Science fiction movies and novels will never be complete without the fancy gadgets or biochemical created by technology higher than what is existent today. Usually, either of the protagonist and antagonist in the story holds the ultimate weapon unknown to other people. The same story can be seen in World War II when the United States of America national army used the early printed circuit board technology on a large scale to make proximity fuses in production of highly integrated explosives and communication equipment which gave them a great leverage to win against their enemies.

Printed circuit board technology was not yet widely known by then and other nations in opposition are just starting to incorporate the new invention in their war weapons. It truly sounds like a Sci-fi movie especially when one will be able to put himself in the position of people living on that particular period. After the war, the USA let the invention be used for commercial purposes so as to abate the effects of the past wars. This has led to further PCB innovations and development to make various designs fit for different kinds of devices, appliances and machines.

In addition, there are quite a number of ironic and political issues about a PCB technology dating back to the Pre and Post World War that most people are not aware of:

  1. A so-called German proximity fuse is the same PBS component that completes up the explosives thrown on Germany during the World War II. Quite ironic.
  2. An American inventor was the first one to conduct an experiment, a German inventor was the first one to describe it, but an English man was the first one to get it patented. This is a politically inspired angle.
  3. An Austrian engineer was the first one to develop an operational printed circuit as a part of radio set but a Hungarian born employee was the one who had been able to create the first Electronic Circuit Equipment that could produce three radios per minute.
  4. While the opposing armies after war are seething with plot of revenge, Americans use the invention to tackle in the war of business. They had been the first to attack with the same weapon for another time around.

These are just few among the irony that can be found in looking back at the past. Apparently, the battle is not yet over as the mechanics has only shifted from base bombing to marketing wars and the weapons have changed from guns into product innovations.

printed circuit boardToday, printed circuit board invention has even more developed into something a more efficient component than those which are used during the World War I and II. From being used for destruction, PBCs are now utilized to build a better living. The use of printed circuit board has become common and usual among people and only a handful of them who do not belong in technology industry could appreciate it. Looking toward the future in a thorough observation of the latest developments at present, PCBs of much smaller sizes but fully packed micro-components could be expected to possibly emerge as gadgets become smaller and lighter and different home or industrial devices and machines be enabled to perform multiple tasks. Devices that could perform more efficient than what we have today could possibly emerge in different industries.

There are many speculations among technology enthusiast and young scientists of today. But one thing is for sure: the men and women behind the discovery and early development of PCB technology have also imagined and foreseen the present time and even the days farther beyond this generation. They are the early visionaries of printed circuit board technology.


Know Thy Wristbands

August 9th, 2014

Wristbands have come a long way from leathers and those strips of cloth that go around the wrist. Nowadays, when one thinks of wristbands, the first thing that comes to mind are those colorful rubber wristbands that are virtually everywhere. But, what are they exactly made of? And what makes them famous?

Rubber wristbands are wrist accessories made up generally of synthetic rubber or silicone. From a scientific standpoint, rubber is what they call an elastomer or a material that is elastic and gluey. These unique characteristics of rubber make it extremely durable, allowing it to withstand extreme pressure without permanent deformation. So, no matter how hard someone tries to pull on the rubber, it will simply snap back to its original size and shape. Synthetic rubber and silicon are also easily manufactured so they can be reproduced in bulk. It is this durability and ease of manufacturing that make customization uncomplicated for rubber bracelets.

Rubber bracelets come in all colors possible. Texts and designs can be imprinted on them without that much fuss. This gives the bracelets more character. They become more than accessories. They become an extension of the person’s personality. Like what they said, “you are what you wear.”

Types of Wristbands

Below are the different types of rubber wristbands available in the market nowadays (characterized by how a text is displayed on the bracelets):

Debossed. Wristbands with debossed lettering on them use engraving stamps while the rubber or silicone is still soft. The result is recessed text into the rubber.

Embossed. This is the opposite of debossed text. Using a process similar to that of debossing, the texts in this style turn out to protrude about two millimetres from the bracelet’s surface.

Colored debossed. To make a debossed text stand out, coloring is sometimes added on the recessed letters. This process makes the texts on the wristband more noticeable. This process works best for statement bracelets or those that carry a specific message on them.

Screen printed. This process applies the colored text directly on the surface of the wristband. The colors of the text are of course different from that of the bracelet to ensure that they are visible. The texts can be printed either on the inside or the outside of the bracelet. This is the easiest to make thus producing more wristbands in the process.

Uses of Wristbands

Rubber wristbands have various applications and uses. Below are some of them:

Fashion Accessories. Rubber bracelets are a fun way to jazz up a boring wardrobe. Since they can be found in different colors, one can simply stack them on, for as many as she wants, to redefine her outfit.

Gifts. Since rubber bracelets can be bought and customized in bulk, they are easily the favorite when it comes to party favors. One can also personalize them by imprinting (or embossing/debossing) a special message or design for his guests.

rubber wristbandsRaising awareness and funds. These are probably the most famous use of rubber bracelets. Because they are easily manufactured in bulk, it also made it equally easy for organizations and group activist to spread their ideals, campaigns and cause to as many people as possible. These colorful yet meaningful bracelets can also generate funds for the group since they can be easily sold in various events.

Marketing and brand promotion. Rubber bracelets are now also becoming an essential tool in promoting certain businesses, products and events. They are handy, colourful and can be easily distributed. A person wearing a wristband representing a particular product is already considered an ambassador for the product. He or she becomes a walking advertisement. Anyone who sees him wearing that will somehow, at one point, get introduced to that product or business or event.

Identification tags. Rubber bracelets are also the easiest and most fun and fashionable way to identify people who are members of a certain group or organization. One doesn’t have to clip on an ID. He can simply wear his identification. How cool is that?


When it comes to internet marketing, there are several pieces that you will need to work with. If you want to make it big online, you will need to manage a great deal of expectations and drive the right elements to get you market share online. If you think that you can just do one or two things and see a flood of traffic to your page, you will be wrong. There are several pieces to the overall puzzle of internet marketing and one of them is that of domain name authority. The authority of your site is tied to more than just the sum of the parts, the name of the site will dictate a great deal of influence as well. This is something that most people don’t realize until it’s too late. If you want to build on the right elements of marketing, you will want to focus on the domain as part of the bigger picture.

Defining The Real Meaning of SEO

First and foremost, people get the wrong idea about search engine optimization. At first glance it may seem like something that is simple to implement and use. It can be deceiving, but it’s very important to understand that it is not something that you can just implement and walk away from, like other technologies. Comparing other technologies to search engine optimization will completely shatter your perception of it and could end up forcing you to hire SEO companies that will help you understand it in a real world solution.

When you’re looking at what SEO companies do to help you rank higher, you will notice that they don’t just do one thing. Too often, people assume that you just need to do one solitary thing to make this work. The formula that is bound within the world of internet marketing is not the same as HTML, CSS or anything like that. In fact, you will find that you cannot focus on just loosely implementing certain things, you need to focus on a wide variety of elements in order to get this work. SEO in the modern world takes on social media, content, links generation, and domain authority all together in order to make traffic flow through the right places.

The Domain Name Issue

seocompaniesGetting back on the topic of domain authority, you could find that there are ranks that give this meaning. Whether you look at page rank or domain authority scores, you will find that the domain that you have will either make or break your search engine rank. A high powered name will give you a sense of glory because that will instill trust in what you do. When the end user trusts the domain that the information they are seeking is on, they will believe it and then follow through on the call to action that you have in place.

For instance, if you’re selling hiking boots and you have a wide selection, but your domain name isn’t related to hiking or footwear, someone may not believe that you’re an authority on the thing that you’re working on. The same can be said for topics that are related to medical, and even pharmaceutical solutions. It’s very easy to get trapped and lumped into the sites out there that are overtly spam related. Spammy websites will not help you gain marketing prowess, it will only cause you to lose site on the important things in the world of marketing.

Selecting A Good Domain Name

If you haven’t launched a website, then you need to select a good domain name that is going to be marketable. Having the dot com of your company is helpful, but you need more than just one domain name and page to get moving forward with internet marketing as it is today. You will need to increase the output of your domain name, and create subsequent names and extensions to make sure that you are getting all the traffic that could technically come your way. Without an attention to this detail, you will end up getting lost.

Domain authority is not just about the name you select for your home page, it’s about the many other names that you select to help you build on the marketing that you need to put in place on a professional level. Selecting the right name could make or break your influence, but it could also factor into the traffic as well.

Hiring Professional Grade SEO companies

At the end of the day, this can all be conjecture to those that aren’t aware of the different options that abound online. You will need to decide at one point whether or not to move forward with hiring a company to help you dive into this world. If you have time to work on domain name issues, registration, linking, and content, then make sure that you focus on the different elements that make this up through the lens of a professional grade provider. Otherwise, you are going to end up losing sight on the bigger picture, and that’s something that will not easily be done without a great deal of attention. Hiring professionals will shed light on the domain issue for the world of internet marketing as it stands today, guaranteed.


ID lanyards are common items you see every day. Their purpose is simple. They hold identification cards so that the person wearing them can easily be identified. You might be surprised at the many uses this simple everyday item has. Take a look at the following:

For Students

Being busy in school requires time management and helpful tools while studying. Pens, pencils, highlighters, and flash drives, are the most common writing tools you need. Since they are your primary needs in order to do a seat work, copy a lecture, or complete an exam, you do not want to open a messy bag only to find out that your pens are missing. A worse scenario is failing your oral report because you cannot do the presentation without the soft copy file in your missing flash drive. Having a neck lanyard allows you to secure school stuff like your ID, pen, and flash drive. Your lanyard can also serve as a key holder too.

Wearing a lanyard can also boost school spirit among students. ID lanyards are also often used by small organizations in universities and colleges. Whatever organizations or athletic groups you belong to, a marked lanyard helps give you a sense of identity.

For Employees

Some companies issue their own corporate ID lanyards as part of their uniforms. More than holding their ID cards, these lanyards can also hold a couple of other items like your locker key and perhaps even a pen. This is great especially if your ID also serves as an access card to various parts of the office. You can simply reach for the ID hanging from your neck and swipe your card easily without having to fumble around in your bag or pocket.

For Members of the Family

Everyone in the family can use lanyards for various purposes. It can hold your house and room keys so you do not have to worry about losing them. Hang a set of master keys on a lanyard and put it in a place where your family members can easily find them. Make sure, however, that you do not put it where unauthorized people or people with ill intentions can get their hands on them.

Moreover, when your family plans to have a vacation, neck lanyards are also ideal for travel. You can hang your cameras and shoot every nice view you see.

For the Sporty

ID lanyardsIt is common to see these lanyards being given away as sports memorabilia and team gear. Individual athletes or even those who simply love to exercise regularly can make use of these lanyards too. They can be used by joggers to hold their essentials as they go for their runs. They can have a pouch with their house keys, identification card, and a small amount of money hanging from their lanyard. These lanyards can also hold a small lightweight water bottle so you can stay hydrated while exercising.

For Music Lovers

These ID lanyards can help you take your music with you wherever you are. Just make sure that your lanyard attachment is secure enough to carry the weight of your music player. You can also place it in your bag and use the lanyard to tie it to the strap. This way, you simply have to tug at the lanyard to get your music player.

There are plenty of other uses that you can think of for ID lanyards. Interesting life hacks can come from this everyday item. The best thing about them is that they are inexpensive and readily available. Even if you want to have them customized, you can easily order them from lanyard stores online and offline.


Many people turn to androgenic or anabolic steroids to achieve their bodybuilding goals. However, taking steroids is not legal unless prescribed by a doctor for medical purposes. Also, steroids can result in several physical side effects. Thus, a better option is to take safe and legal steroid alternatives that provide better results similar to those that anabolic steroids can provide, with fewer or without any unwanted side effects.

Steroid alternativesAnabolic steroids can result in several unwanted changes in physical appearance. For instance, they can cause hair loss and acne. They can also result in a condition known as gynecomastia, which increases the size of men’s breasts that they look like female breasts. Also, these unwanted physical changes caused by steroids can result in personality and behavioral changes. For example, they can cause the so-called roid rage or the extreme aggressiveness and hostility. These substances can also cause states of depression.

Steroids can also result in several harmful health problems at the very early age. For instance, they can cause headache, raised cholesterol, nausea, raised blood pressure, and sexual impotence. They can also harmfully affect several vital organs in the body like the kidney and liver.

One of the important organs that steroids can affect greatly is the liver. For instance, a very dangerous liver condition called Peliosis Hepatis may occur. The kidneys are also considered as one of the vital organs within the body that can be negatively affected by steroids. Both the kidneys and the liver are responsible for important functions in the body like detoxification. Thus, exposing them to steroids is a bad idea.

Aside from Peliosis Hepatis, taking steroids can result in other health concerns. For example, the chance of having heart ailments is increased ten times when taking them. Just like Peliosis Hepatitis, heart ailments could lead to death.

All of the harmful side effects mentioned can be avoided. These effects can be avoided by not taking anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders can choose the safe and legal steroid alternatives which have the same results as steroids. Compared to anabolic steroids, these alternatives will not cause any bad effects at all. These alternatives will not cause you to break the bank since these will not produce bad effects that might require you to spend a lot of money for medication.

If you search online, there are lots of retailers that offer alternatives to anabolic steroids. One popular company that manufactures steroid alternatives is Stacklabs. They manufacture eight different bodybuilding supplements that are very effective and it is available in tablet form. One of the popular products they manufacture for muscle building is Decca-Duraboll. Andro-T is another popular testosterone booster that the company manufactures. These products are legal steroid alternatives and six other products are manufactured by Stacklabs.

People might be hesitant at first about the efficiency of alternatives. But, the fact remains that there are lots of satisfied bodybuilders that use them. You can read these reviews by searching the web.

The bottom line is that taking anabolic steroids is dangerous. Since these products are illegal, if the authorities caught you buying one, you will be subjected to a huge amount of fines or they might put you in jail. It also has several bad effects within your body that will result in serious health problems at a very young age. Using them is not worth the risks associated with it.

Instead of using the anabolic steroids, you can choose the steroid alternatives which can mimic the effects of steroids with reduced risk of harmful side effects. Also, these cost less as compared to anabolic steroids. These alternatives are safe to use and you can purchase them over-the-counter since these are legally distributed in the market.


Getting your money’s worth on a bottle of e juice is quite tricky. How do you know if you bought the right one? How do you choose which flavor to get, or which type to buy? The right kind of juice is essential to achieve satisfaction and practicality. To make the most out of your e-cigarette, there are 3 major things to consider before buying your e juice.

1. Nicotine Content

Although electronic, the same principles are used in the production of e-cigarettes. Nicotine is the foremost composition of regular cigarettes, and even juices for e-cigarettes may contain a certain amount of nicotine. You can only achieve so much satisfaction when you get the right amount of nicotine in your juice. Changing the concentration of nicotine in the juice is one of the advantages of using e-cigarette.

For those who are using e-cigarettes for the reason of quitting conventional tobaccos, you would want to take the nicotine deprivation gradually. Absence of nicotine in a body that is used to it can create complications in emotional and psychological stability. For those who are still starting, you can get juices with high concentration of nicotine—about 16mg-18mg per millimeter. You can use that for about a period of time until you gradually go lower to 10mg-14mg, and then further to 4mg-8mg, until you can finally smoke 0mg of nicotine in your vale. Nicotine free juices are very helpful to those who are trying to quit smoking.

Generally, the best way to get juice is to find out which nicotine content would best satisfy your cravings, yet at the same time maintain your discipline. Remember, you are smoking at your own risk.

2. Flavor

e-1Here’s an easy one. Flavors come in an assortment. It’s hard to choose from all the available flavors in the market. Even so, the best way to choose from all these tempting and sweet sounding flavors is to do a survey. You can ask your friends about their experiences trying out different flavors from different brands. You can also try Google-in recommendations from other people outside your circle of friends so that you can get neutral results. The more people you ask, the better your results will be. Doing a survey keeps you from buying juices that are a waste of money.

If you happen to enjoy the feeling of trying things out for yourself, you can also do so by narrowing your options with the best brands available. You can try buying at least three of the best flavors from every brand so that you have options. Always keep in mind that first impressions last, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance of trying the best that each brand can offer.

You can also spice up your flavored puffs by mixing certain flavors in your vale. Does research about which flavors taste good together so you can try it out yourself.

3. Quality and Price

The quality of an ejuice depends on how long it lasts, and on the above mentioned factors namely your nicotine level preference and the tastiness of the flavor you desire. Do not just buy because it’s cheap; buy it because it’s good. Usually though, higher quality come with higher price tags. But this isn’t always the case. There are brands who also offer good quality juices but with a value price. Just make sure that when you buy, you get the quality that the price calls for.

Look for a brand that offers high quality e juice at a very reasonable price. You have a wide range of flavors to choose from, with a guarantee of long lasting effects and satisfactory flavor. The quality of your e-cigarette experience is what you want to ensure. Try out a variety of premium e juice flavors and see for yourself which gives you the most pleasure.


Getting a great HDMI cable is more or less mandatory nowadays. Most devices and appliances rely on HDMI technology in order to interface with one another. Standard definition sets are rare in today’s world, if not outright extinct. In fact, manufacturers don’t even sell standard definition products anymore.

The cable is important because the quality of the HD signal is severely affected by the type of cable the interface uses. Making the most out of HD content can only be achieved by having the right equipment. The cable is essential because it connects one device to another. Without it, either device will probably be worthless. Imagine a computer without a monitor for example.

Buying a good Hdmi cable will probably take a little bit of time and effort. Here are a few mistakes people need to keep in mind before they buy a cable.

ca-19Thinking too much about the price

The first thing that people need to realize is that price is of little import when buying a new cable. These cables are more or less the same. Those who buy their cables based primarily on the price of the cable will be disappointed if they think that the expensive stuff is better.

Some people like to think that buying the most expensive item on the shelf is the quickest way to get the best item possible. More often than not, this idea is true. Price is often an indicator of value and quality. This idea however does not apply to cables.

Most cables are the same. The best approach to getting a new cable is getting the cheapest one possible. Cables aren’t as high tech as mobile phones where each model really does have a difference in specs.

There are other factors like color, but the truth is that these things don’t really matter much. Avoid overthinking and get the cheapest cable possible.

Letting the marketing get through

Manufacturers often try to convince consumers that theirs is the superior product. To that end, most of these manufacturers often have product descriptions that explain just why their product is better than the competition.

In an ideal world, these manufacturers would be preaching the truth when they wrote their product descriptions. The truth is that they don’t. In reality, a vast majority of these marketing slogans are usually false words meant to motivate consumers into buying an HDMI cable.

Cables carry the same kind of signal at the same rate. They pretty much carry the same load. Even if some cables are superior in that they can carry more data, it’s still irrelevant since Blu-Ray doesn’t even take the entirety of the cable’s bandwidth.

Some manufacturers are even going so far as to claim that consumers need to switch their cable if they want to watch something in 3D. This simply isn’t true.

Ignoring the cable’s length

Another problem that most people seem to make is forgetting to get a cable with the right length. In general, people are often advised to simply get a cable that’s longer than what they actually need. This way, any mistake in measurements can simply be covered by the extra length.

People need to learn that HDMI technology does not work the same way as DVI. DVI cables are a lot different from their HDMI counterparts in that their length can be extended. DVI cables can use repeaters or amplifiers. HDMI can’t make use of the same method to increase its length. People are stuck with what they have.

Play it smart by buying an HDMI cable that’s a bit longer than necessary in order to avoid getting things wrong.


The backing allows a custom patch to keep its shape and to attach to an object. It can also give reassurance that your patch won’t be lost.

Security Backing

A security backing is a thin layer of plastic that prevents the patch from being plagiarized. This will only happen if the patch is not affixed to an object. The company name or other desired information is printed onto the thin layer of plastic. The backing can also remind the wearer where the patch came from.

custom patchesPin Backing

A pin backing has small pins that are attached into the layers of the patch. The pins are secured by butterfly clutches so that the patch can be used as a brooch or pin. Custom patches with a pin backing can change locations. For example, you can affix the patch on different sweaters in a month.

Button Loop Backing

A button loop backing is a loop of thread that’s glued to the back of the patch. The loop allows the wearer to hang the patch to his or her button.

Magnetic Backing

A magnetic backing has small magnetic discs that are attached to the back of the patch. The discs allow the patch to bond to any metallic object. Custom patches that are 3 inches long typically have two magnetic discs. More than 2 magnetic discs are attached to patches that are longer than 3 inches.

Two-sided Velcro Backing

A two-sided velcro backing has a velcro loop side and a velcro hook side. The velcro loop side is sewn onto a clothing and the velcro hook side is attached to the back of a patch. The wearer can attach the patch to his or her clothing by pressing the velcro loop side to the velcro hook side.

Heat seal or Iron-on Backing

Heat seal backing allows the patch to be applied to a clothing by home ironing. The backing stiffens the patch by flattening it. Custom patches that have a heat seal backing undergo 6 steps.

First, the clothing should be washed without using a fabric softener. Second, the iron should be set to cotton setting. Water should be removed from the iron. Third, the clothing should be placed on a hard and flat heat-tolerant surface. The clothing can be laid on a cutting board that’s placed on top of the padded ironing board.

Fourth, the back of the patch should be placed onto the clothing. Fifth, the patch should be ironed for 30-60 seconds while applying pressure. The iron should not be moved from side to side to prevent the patch from moving. Sixth, the patch must be allowed to cool down. The patch should be ironed again for 20-30 seconds more if the patch does not adhere to the clothing. The patch should be cooled down after that.

Seventh, the clothing should be turned inside out and the back of the patch should be ironed for 30 seconds. Eight, the clothing should be washed after 48 hours have passed. The clothing should be turned inside out before washing.

Hook-sided Velcro Backing

A hook-sided velcro backing only has a velcro hook side. The patch is attached to a clothing that has the velcro loop side.

Adhesive Backing

An adhesive backing turns the patch into a sticker. A paper is glued to the back of the patch. The wearer will peel off the paper if he or she will use the patch. The paper may have the same size as the patch or a larger size than the patch. An over-sized paper can be used for quick peeling and application. Custom patches with an adhesive backing will weaken overtime if they’re cycled in a washing machine.

Plastic Backing

A plastic backing is a thin layer of shiny plastic that’s attached to the back of the patch. The plastic backing flattens the patch by stiffening it. A flattened patch becomes thin enough for it to be sewn onto a clothing.


Challenge coins or military coins are often used as collectible items by organization members. In some cases, it is used to recognize one’s membership, achievement or position in an organization. Military coins often bear the emblem of a certain unit. It is also used by the police and fire department.

Military coins are very popular not just in the military but also in other organizations and even companies. One of the reasons it is patronized by such customers is because of its affordable price and great quality. Aside from that, military coins can be customized into different shapes and sizes. However, even though challenge coins are made from high quality materials using the best equipments and skilled makers, proper care and maintenance of challenge coins will help preserve its quality. When properly maintained, challenge coins can last for years and can be passed down for generations.

m-2When taking care of challenge coins, it is very important to know what type of metal was used in making it. Certain metal types have different care requirements. Most challenge coins are made from gold, silver, copper, brass, nickel and metal. Challenge coins made from any of these materials require special care in cleaning and storing it.

Aside from the type of metal used, it is also important to note what kind of finish the challenge coin has. Is it engraved, dual toned or antique? Knowing this will help preserve the finish and look of the challenge coin no matter how many times it is cleaned.

When cleaning challenge coins made out of brass, it is best to use a soft polishing cloth that is used in cleaning jewelries. Use a polishing cloth made from cotton material to prevent scratching or damaging the coin’s surface. When cleaning the coins, it is best to use a Q-tip dipped in acetic acid to remove the dirt in the engravings and designs of the coin. Polishing cream can be used in cleaning the challenge coins. Just make sure to properly wipe off any cleaning substance used to prevent residue from getting stuck on the engravings of the challenge coins.

As for metal pins, never ever use liquid cleaners. Liquid cleaners encourage rust and metal challenge coins are prone to rusting. Use a polishing cloth or metal polisher instead. Be sure to follow all the instructions carefully. Polish residue will damage the surface and design of the challenge coins so make sure to wipe off the polisher to prevent residue from building up in the surface of the coin.

For silver and gold challenge coins, a silver or gold polisher can be used. In some cases, baking soda mixed with water is an excellent cleaning solution. To clean the coin, dip a sponge or cloth in the cleaning solution and gently rub the surface of the coin. Make sure to clean every space and corner of the coin, even the tiniest spaces in the engravings. Properly wipe off the cleaning substance used to prevent residue from building up. A jewelry polish can also be used to clean gold and silver coins.

When cleaning challenge coins, always remember to use soft materials such as cotton cloth or polishing cloth. Be gentle in wiping and cleaning off dirt and as much as possible; avoid using a brush as it may leave scratches on the surface of the coin. Never use oil in cleaning the coin. Oil makes dirt stick easier and faster to the coin.

Storing the coin is also important. Store the challenge coins in cabinets or boxes lined with soft materials. Make sure that it is kept in a cool and dry place out of reach of children.

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