The main purpose of a web hosting site is to provide a place where webmasters can display their content for the entire internet to see. And with millions and millions of people now turning to the internet for all their information and entertainment needs, web hosts have become an important element of it.

Most of the best web hosting sites around can be commonly classified into three different types: free, shared, and dedicated. While they all share the same purpose, their difference lies in the features they offer.

Web hostingFree - There are some sites that offer a free, virtually costless web hosting for your basic needs. As the name implies, it’s their biggest advantage, and simply registering is enough for you to get started on your website. However, “free” doesn’t necessarily mean the best. The drawback of free web hosts is that most of the time, advertisements are placed on your finished website (to pay for the costs), which can be a nuisance for readers of your site. Also, some free webhosts are commonly criticized for their lack of needed features, security issues, as well as limited support; though some free web hosting providers are doing their best to solve these issues based on customer demand. Regardless, free web hosting is the preferred choice for anyone who wish to create and maintain a personal website for themselves or for a small group of people.

Shared – Some of the best web hosting sites offer a shared package, in which you and several other webmasters share all the resources provided by the host, including bandwidth and disk space. This also means that server upkeep costs are also shared between several people, making shared hosting a very attractive and affordable choice for users who need extra functionality for their site. The only drawback of this is that, since everyone shares the same server, one small error made by one can also affect the others. For example, if one sites in the same host experiences a huge boost in traffic, your own site might experience a slowdown. If a scripting error is committed by one user, it can also affect the entire server, and all of the sites hosted in it.

Dedicated – This type of web hosting is suitable for large businesses, especially when even shared hosting isn’t enough for their bandwidth and disk space needs. Most of the best web hosting sites offers this kind of dedicated hosting, which not only guarantees superior bandwidth and disk space over the other hosting types, but also added features, superb security as well as excellent and dedicated customer support. Also, since they’re built with business owners in mind, some web hosting services also come with an SEO management tool that monitors several aspects of their website, including inbound traffic, lead-in generation, etc. The obvious drawback of all these benefits is that it’s the most expensive type of web hosting around. Moreover, business owners need to have some technical experience, especially in server administration, in order to manage all the aspects of the web host. This can easily be mitigated by availing of a managed hosting service that allows the provider to handle all the tasks associated with server management while you focus on your business website itself. However, a managed hosting service may cost much more than normal, but with additional costs come improved service, so you are really getting your money’s worth.


Based on the features provided by each of the web hosting types, it can then be concluded that, if you’re only going to make a website purely for personal or family use, or just to teach yourself the basics of creating a website, then a free webhost is enough for your needs.

But if you’re a business owner, and you’re looking for the best web hosting sites that scales as your business grows, then a dedicated hosting solution is the right one for you.

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The Evolution of Golf Shoes

April 8th, 2014

When golf was first played, golf clubs were wooden sticks, and golf balls were just round pieces of wood. There was no concept of golf shoes. As the different aspects of the game changed, so did the equipment that is needed to play it well. Golf clubs became metal, and golf balls evolved to the dimpled wonder that we know it today. The terrain for playing golf also changed, and consequently, golfers found that ordinary shoes, slippers, or sandals do not suffice anymore.

Golf shoesThe exact date for the creation of the first shoe specialized for golfing is hard to pinpoint exactly, but the earliest reference to spiked shoes was at an 1857 issue of The Golfer. Beginners were advised to use shoes that had nails or sprigs, to give proper traction on the slick lawns of the golf course. As one could imagine, despite the sound theory behind it, these shoes were hazardous, and a lot of golfers injured themselves and other people with it.

A better version of the nail and sprig shoe was made in 1891, with the introduction of the screw-in spikes. This was a huge improvement to the earlier shoe, since it gave comfort and proper traction without the extra hazard. Eventually, groundskeepers found that the spikes in the shoes were damaging the lawns. As a result, many golf courses decided to ban screw-in spikes.

Spalding introduced the saddle oxfords in 1906. They are Oxford shoes that have low heels and are characterized by a plain toe, and a saddle shaped panel in the mid foot and around the laces, thus the name Saddle Oxfords. They were considered very trendy and have even seen a recent comeback among teens and young adults. Originally meant for racket sports, the saddle oxfords became more popular for golf, and were eventually made with golf cleats.

Golf shoes evolved again some time around the 1980s. Golfers and manufacturers are suddenly noticing that the current golf shoes are not very comfortable for walking around the golf course all day. These stiff shoes drove many footwear brands to focus on foot cushioning and comfort by using materials that are lighter and more breathable.

The banning of the screw-in spikes proved beneficial not only to the advancement of the golf shoe, but also to the maintenance of golf courses. Golf course owners, however, were still not satisfied. Metal spikes, although not as damaging as the screw-in spikes, were still deemed hazardous to the golf course greens. In response to this, golf shoe manufacturers designed a shoe with nonmetal cleats, not only making them less damaging the lawns, but also more comfortable. This led to the reduction in maintenance cost among golf courses. Due to this, metal spikes are finally a thing of the past, and groundskeepers and owners sleep better at night.

While basketball enjoys tremendous popularity with its signature shoes, like the Air Jordan and the Kobe shoes, the first signature golf shoe, named the Nike Air Zoom TW (named after Tiger Woods) didn’t really introduce any innovations, and was fairly a bust in the market. They did, however, pave the way for future innovations, and became pioneers in a new marketing campaign in golf shoes.

Spikeless golf shoes were first worn in 2010 by Fred Couples, starting a new trend. In the first round of the 2010 Masters Tournament, he was seen wearing a pair of spikeless shoes. This shoe has a dimpled rubber outsole, which replaced the spikes in providing balance and traction. This is not met without hesitation, though. Some professional golfers are hesitant to give up the spikes in fear of losing their stance. It may be seeing popularity right now, but it was not a popular choice among professionals when it first came out.

The golf shoe has seen tremendous innovation over the years, providing maximum satisfaction not only to golf players but also to golf course owners. And as the competition among manufacturers continues to grow, golfers can be assured that the technology in these shoes will only continue to improve.

When you buy a pair of golf shoes, you want to not only help your game but also make sure you’re stylin’

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Different colors have different meanings. When it comes to graduation sash, the color is a big deal. It determines your field of study, the organization you are part of and most especially, your academic remarks. Numerous shades of color are used to highlight each achievement of every graduate. A specific award has its corresponding color. There are also instances when a graduate may receive different sash depending on his accomplishments.

The color of the sash says many things. Here are some colors of the graduation sash and their corresponding meaning:


Graduation SashPerhaps this is the color of graduation sash that most students would love to wear. Gold sash are for graduate students who attain high academic remarks. Suma Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude are the only people who can wear this sash. The wearing of gold sash for those who reach academic excellence is part of the proper guidelines that was released by the Academic Council of Education.


Blue graduation sash is what other graduates are after. The color represents trustworthiness, stability, calmness, and honesty. This is given to those students who were good examples to their fellow students. Leaders of organizations and societies are usually the recipient of this sash. Blue also signifies nationalism and so blue sash can be worn by those who showed nationalism to his country. Moreover, students who show exemplary performance and made the school proud by winning in competition, quiz bowls, and national sports may be advised to wear this sash as well.


Maroon signifies fire. This sash is worn by students who help others during their stay in the university. Those who lead in outreach programs and student body leaders are the graduate who can wear this sash.


Orange symbolizes honor, power, confidence and wealth. The orange colored sash is not typically use in America unless it is the school’s color. Some schools in Europe use this color though. There are art schools who offer intensive training in music, in painting and dancing allow some of their students who show good character, strong personality, passion in their craft and self-confidence to wear this sash.


It is well known to people that color white symbolizes purity, brilliance and good value. This color also means cleanliness and neatness. Students who are advised to wear white graduation sash are those who showed concern for the environment. Leaders who have significant projects relate to keeping the environment clean are advise to wear this sash.


Purple have different meanings in different countries. In Europe, there are universities that do not allow their students to wear purple sash on graduation because purple is known as the color of royalty, then only those who belong to the royal family are allowed to wear it. If the university color is purple, they are advised to associate another color for distinction.

Colors really matter when it comes to graduation sash. The purpose is not to be intimidated towards others. It is meant to inspire people who can see what others are wearing and aspire to do better. Whatever color of sash you have or you want to wear in your graduation someday, always put in mind that it is more than the color of the sash that matters. It is always the meaning behind it.

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2014 brings another year of graduations and special celebrations,customize your look with your own personalized graduation stoles and graduation sash.

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The number of people who get buried in debt is ever growing. Because of this, many are also being introduced to the practice of debt consolidation as a means to save themselves from future financial troubles. If you wish to consider consolidating your existing debt, here are the basic things you must know first before doing so.

• What it is?

In a nutshell, debt consolidation is a procedure that involves merging several unsettled debts with high interest rates into a single monthly payment.

• Debts that can be consolidated

The following are the types of bills and loans that you can properly settle through debt consolidation:
1. Payday loans
2. Unsecured loans
3. Hospital bills
4. Utility bills
5. Credit card bills

• When to consolidate debt

How would you know if you’re in a situation where your best bet would be to consolidate all your debts? Here are some indicators:

1. Often missing payments
2. Recurrent late payments
3. Inability to settle multiple bills simultaneously
4. Daily or frequent creditor calls
5. Use of credit cards for bills payment
6. Short of or no cash
7. Need to get cash advance loans

Experiencing even one of these financial difficulties means that you are already in need of a good debt consolidation plan.

• Its effect on credit score

As with any other debt relief program, debt consolidation will not directly improve your credit score. However, because it helps your credit report recover from negative reports, your credit score and rating will positively increase with it, provided you don’t incur new debts and you settle your monthly payments regularly.

• Alternatives

Although it is the safest and easiest way to get out of your mounting debts, there are many other debt relief options other than debt consolidation.

1. Debt Management – This is a plan that allows you to hire the services of a debt management or credit counseling agency, which will be responsible for negotiating with the creditors to lower your unsecured debts’ rates. Afterwards, they’d be able to develop an alternative repayment plan.

2. Debt Settlement – In this plan, the debt settlement agency will negotiate with the creditors for a lower payoff amount so you can more easily overcome your debt.

3. Personal Bankruptcy – This plan should serve as your last resort, because it will get you out of debt but greatly damage your credit score by at least 200 points.

Nobody wants to have debts, but sometimes, it can’t be helped. If you ever get into a position where you’re knee deep in debt, always remember that there are several options and plans you could choose from to get you out of your situation. Although it is true that you can always try and settle the debts by yourself, it is still best to seek the aid of a professional. This way, you can be assured that not only would you be able to get rid of future calls from your creditor, but you’d also be confident that your debts will be dealt with the soonest and most convenient way possible.

Get out of debt with our debt consolidation and debt negotiation services.

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It is the desire of every homeowner to have a great looking house. In addition, beautiful gardens, furnishings, latest gadgets and appliances are the norm. Furniture accessorizes a room so well. A house or office that is not well furnished looks naked. Speaking along those lines, all weather wicker chairs and tables continue being a popular choice among most people. It is not individuals alone, even corporate organizations such as hotels, beach resorts and cruise ships use them a lot. The main strength in all wicker furniture is attributed to the material. Even without any form of industrial treatment, wicker is strong and can withstand harsh weather.

Before this discussion goes any further, there is one misconception people make. Maybe you also make the same mistake. People translate wicker to mean the material used to make furniture. In the real sense of the word, wicker refers to the way manufacturers weave different kinds of material. The different types of materials used here are resin, bamboo, rattan, reeds, paper fabric, and fiber. As you can see some of these occur naturally, while others are artificial. For all weather wicker, fiber and resin are easily preferred.  These materials are not damaged by snow, rain or intense sunlight.all weather wicker

In using resin to make all weather wicker furniture, the manufacturers provide users with items that will last for a long time. By default, wicker furniture is designed for the outdoors. Resin retains its color and will not crack or fade even when subjected to heat variations. That means you don’t have to keep painting your furniture. In terms of cleaning, you can either wipe the furniture with a wet rug or simply hose it down.

Viro fiber is the other type of artificial material that is used in modern all weather wicker items. Fiber is synthetically made through an industrial process. It results in a strong and flexible material. Fiber is also light in keeping with the century long tradition of wicker furniture. That is also another major attribute of this type of furniture; portability. Viro fiber is not affected by ultra violet rays from the sun. It is also resistant to salt water and chlorine in fresh water. That is why you will find wicker furniture by the pool side, cruise ship decks and beach fronts.

With aluminum frames, all weather wicker sets are made sturdier. Besides, aluminum does not rust. There is wide color choice meaning you can choose what matches with your taste.

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Water misting systems are being used today in some places as protection for buildings, offices, commercial premises and hotels against fires.  They are being used instead of the sprinkler systems that have been used in the past.  The advantage of using this system instead is that it is more unobtrusive, causes less damage when putting out the fire and business is interrupted for a shorter period of time.  Fire tests have been carried out on such fire systems to see if they would work well.

In a bid to understand how misting systems work in a fire, BRE Global a company out of the United Kingdom carried out several burn tests, one with a regular sprinkler system and others with water mist systems both low pressure and high pressure.  The goal was to provide some sort of evidence that would give a better understanding of how mist systems would work in a real fire.  The system works by releasing much smaller water droplets into the atmosphere which then displace oxygen, wet the area and cool the temperatures.  With that, the system is able to effectively suppress the fire.

misting systemsIt has been found that using misting systems to put out a fire in prison cells or some other small space works very well.  In addition to suppressing the fire, the system also does well in making the conditions for survival much better for the occupant of the room.  For a larger room however, there had not been any evidence for or against the use of these systems until BRE Global carried out their tests.  The tests carried out were 48 in total and they included the following:

Typical open plan office – large spaces
Wood crib – small spaces
Tests on systems installed by their partners in the industry

It was discovered that the misting systems work a lot better in smaller spaces than they do in the larger open ones.  It was also discovered that the distance between nozzles was an important factor in the suppression of the fire and with it the flow rate of water.  If for whatever reason there was an obstruction that hindered direct aim of the nozzle its performance was reduced and it was therefore not effective.  It was also found that the mist system caused less damage and at ceiling level the temperature was cooler.  With these findings it was concluded that one would still need to have a sprinkler system installed for fire emergencies.

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Adirondack chairs are named for the Adirondack Mountains located in the state of New York.  That is because the design originated there in the 1900s.  Of course over time it has been redesigned over and over again to come up with many styles of the chair.  The design has been refined enough times to come up with the modern chair that we now have that is extremely comfortable.  These chairs are designed for the great outdoors and are the perfect patio or garden chair especially if you are looking for something that holds true to an American Heritage.

Adirondack chairs are designed so that the back of the seat is slanted while the seat is flat.  In some cases you will find that the seat is also slanted.  The construction is very simple and lines are also simple and straight.  There are some curvy accents that can be seen on the back and the armrests as well.  The chairs are made so that the armrests are quite wide.  That way you can place your drink or even a plate on them and enjoy the outdoors as you eat or drink.  These wide armrests are actually a hallmark where they are concerned.

chairsIf you are looking to get one that is traditionally constructed here is what you need to look for.  There are eleven pieces of wood that have been cut in such a way as to make the most of the wood used.  Usually the wood used in making Adirondack chairs is redwood or cedar but  various other types can also be used.  They are not difficult to make and usually students who are beginning to learn carpentry will make these as part of their project.  They have become quite popular with many consumers out there because they are comfortable, roomy and stylish too.

The basic design that has been used over the decades in the construction of Adirondack chairs has now been extended to many other designs.  You can find this same design on couches, chaise lounges and other kinds of furniture used for the outside that have followed the same design and lines.  You can also find some of these chairs that have been modified into rocking chairs or folding chairs.  The chairs can also be painted into a color of your liking or be stained.  Because the selection is very wide now, you will likely be able to find whatever one you like.

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In the event that you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, it is pertinent to seek the services of a criminal attorney Salt Lake City. However, getting the right defense lawyer is not simply about selecting the first one you come across or the cheapest one available. There are numerous professionals to choose from, both qualified as well as unqualified, and as such, the task at hand would be to weed through the options that are available to you. If you have never been faced with a criminal case before, the task of selecting the right attorney may seem overwhelming. However, it does not have to be daunting. Here are some of the steps that you can use to ensure that you get the right representation.

criminal attorney Salt Lake City1. Consult with friends and family members. Although the first thing that most will seek from these people is moral support, this does not mean that they cannot help you with your search for the right lawyer. You might be lucky enough to come across a friend who has been through this predicament before or knows someone who needed criminal representation. Word of mouth referrals from friends and family members are a great source of information as you get from the horse’s mouth information on who would be the best criminal attorney Salt Lake City based on the experience they had with one. Enquire about the personality of the attorney, the kind of experience the suspect had dealing with that lawyer, how the case turned out and any other information that you may find pertinent.

2. Go online. The internet is a haven of research for a myriad of topics under the sun. Finding a criminal attorney Salt Lake City is one of them. Use the internet to go through the websites of the various attorneys that you have referrals of. In addition to this, you could also look up reviews from previous clients and see if they were satisfied or not with the services that they received. The internet can help you learn more about the various criminal defense attorneys that are available to you and this can go a long way in aiding you in making your decision.

3. Get in touch with your state board. The state board can provide you with a list of professionals from which you can select a criminal attorney Salt Lake City.

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Programs designed to be integrated into a network of computers or used by multiple users at the same time(as in a large office or a computer programming team working together on a project) are usually accompanied with defect tracking software. This is an added precaution that gives users the convenience submitting complaints of systems errors to technicians without needing to leave their work stations.

Time is gold for any IT-based business operation, and defect tracking software helps to ensure that time is optimized for fruitful endeavors. As suggested by the name, this type of software is a record-keeping program of sorts for systems errors and issues that can affect the normal operation of a computer. This may sound simple, but it is actually a big help for technical support specialists.

defect tracking softwareThe record-keeping aspect of the defect tracking software helps technicians monitor the status of each reported issue. They can keep tabs on which issues were reported the earliest and which ones are more recent. Since the nature of each report is also included in the records, technicians can recognize the gravity and urgency of each problem. They can therefore decide which are problems are to be considered as first-priority, and which ones may be left for later.

Besides serving as a database for technical issues reported regarding an integrated systems program, the defect tracking software also makes it possible for the program users to report any problems immediately to technical support. This is done by submitting a support ticket which contains the details of the reported problem. Once the technicians receive the ticket, they can immediately respond and act on the reported issue. Of course, if there’s already a pile of tickets submitted by other users, the latest one will have to be queued—that is unless the support technicians deem it necessary to move the report up the queue and bump it up the priority list.

Once an issue has been resolved, the technician will normally send back a reply stating the resolved status of the ticket submitted. Normally, a defect tracking software will allow administrators (the technical support staff) to send this formal message for formality’s sake and record purposes.

Purchasing a defect tracking software program entails training sessions from its developers. Representatives, if not the developers themselves, are expected to be present while the software is being installed. They normally supervise the installation process and train the client’s technical support staff on how to use the defect tracking software. If it is an added feature for a certain integrated program, the representatives will also train the staff on how to troubleshoot, remove bugs, and repair program errors. Any problems that are not covered during the training, or cannot be resolved by the specialists themselves, can be forwarded to the developer of the defect tracking software.

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Remote control software for computers has been around for a very long time now despite the fact that just a few people know that such a thing exists. The reason why it isn’t very popular is that few people know of it and even less care to use it.

Despite the lack of popular support accessing a computer remotely has many benefits that people ought to learn more about. This kind of technology gives people a certain kind of extra control over their own computers that they will not get from anywhere else.

Here are some of the reasons why using a remote control software for a computer is a very good idea.

Cut down costs for Microsoft Office

remote control softwareMaking use of a remote desktop service can be highly advantageous for a large organization. Organizations that make use of a lot of computers will do well to get themselves a remote desktop service.

More often than not, the software provided by companies that provide remote PC access includes Microsoft Office in their package for free. This means companies no longer have to purchase Microsoft Office for their computers.
Saves employees a lot of time

Computer updates and troubleshooting are some of the main reasons for reducing productivity. Employees are busy going from one place to another or waiting for someone to fix their computer or for the update to finish.

The nice thing about remote computer access is that it allows a member of an IT department to update or troubleshoot computers remotely. People from the IT department can sit comfortably in their chairs whilst directly helping people facing technical issues with their computers through remote desktop services.

Get files from a remote location

One of the worst things that could happen to a person is to forget a file or folder from their computer at home. Times like these makes one wish it were possible to access a computer from miles away.

Remote control software will allow a user to email themselves important documents or files in case they forget them. All a person really needs is another computer, a remote desktop service, and an internet connection in order to get the files they need, whenever they need it wherever they might be.

Doing work from home made possible

There are times when people wish they could just stay at home to work. Working at home is difficult because most companies don’t want sensitive information being exchanged through networks outside of their own.

The nice thing about remote desktop services is that they provide people with the ability to work at home by accessing their office computer by using their own home computer. Remote control software makes it possible for employees to access their office computer in case of an emergency.

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